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                              Samukelisiwe Leferise


Enthusiastic and driven, I am Samukelisiwe Leferise, a 21-year-old emerging professional in the field of marketing. Hailing from Ladysmith, KZN, and currently residing in Lenasia South, I bring a blend of diverse cultural understanding and local insights. A recent graduate from Vaal University of Technology, I hold a Diploma in Marketing Management, ready to apply my academic learning in practical scenarios.

Educational Background:

  • Diploma in Marketing Management Vaal University of Technology

Personal Interests and Lifestyle:

Health and fitness are not just hobbies for me; they are a way of life. By committing to a routine of working out 2 or 3 times a week and maintaining a daily meal journal, I have cultivated discipline and a deep understanding of personal goal setting. This approach to health mirrors my professional ethos: continuous improvement, learning, and tracking progress towards both short-term and long-term objectives.

Core Values and Motivations:

At my core, I am driven by a multifaceted set of aspirations: financial stability, recognition, the desire to help others, the pursuit of excellence, and the empowerment that comes with leadership. These values shape my approach to both learning and professional development.

Professional Aspirations:

As a learner in the skills development program, I am particularly excited about the intersection of marketing and entrepreneurship. My interest in launching a print-on-demand t-shirt business stems from a keen observation of market trends and a passion for creative design. This venture represents more than a business idea; it's an opportunity to blend marketing acumen with creative expression, producing original and sought-after graphic tees.


As a part of this skills development program, I am eager to refine my marketing skills, explore entrepreneurial ventures, and contribute my unique perspectives and ideas. I am committed to learning, growing, and leveraging my skills to create impactful, innovative solutions in the marketing landscape.


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