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                              Sihle Twala


Hello, I am Sihle Twala, a 31-year-old dynamic individual from the vibrant township of Braamfischerville in South Africa. My educational background in Environmental Practice serves as a foundation for my commitment to personal and professional growth.

Educational Background:

  • Studied Environmental Practice

Passions and Daily Goals:

Each day, I am motivated by the goal to hustle hard and achieve personal growth. I am dedicated to self-perseverance and work tirelessly to fulfill my aspirations, constantly seeking to learn and improve with each new day.

Family Life:

Family forms the core of my life. I reside with my mother and sister, alongside my two cherished children, a boy and a girl. They are my support system and a constant source of inspiration.

Motivation and Future Aspirations:

My drive is fueled by the desire to further my education in environmental practice and to undertake a trade test to enhance my skills in this field. This ambition represents not only personal growth but also a commitment to making a meaningful impact in my area of study.

Entrepreneurial Vision:

Should I embark on an entrepreneurial journey, I envision starting a laundry business. This service would cater to the needs of my community, offering clothing, blanket, and sneaker washing services at affordable rates – R100 per clothing load, R75 per blanket, and R120 for sneakers. My aim is to provide a valuable, convenient service to busy individuals and families.


As a dedicated individual with a strong foundation in environmental practice and a passion for entrepreneurship, I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills in practical ways. My ultimate goal is to establish a business that not only serves my community but also represents my commitment to hard work and excellence.


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