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                              Sizakele Makhathini


I am Sizakele Makhathini, a compassionate and motivated 26-year-old from the vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood of Soweto in Johannesburg. My life's journey, shaped by personal experiences and strong family connections, has led me to a path of caring and support for others.

Educational Background:

  • Home Base Care Course (3-month duration) Gem Meg College, Johannesburg CBD 


Passion for Elderly Care:

My heart lies in caring for the elderly, providing them with services that go beyond basic needs. This includes personal care like bathing, medication management, and physical support. Whether in their homes or in hospices, my goal is to ensure they receive the utmost care and respect, enhancing their comfort and quality of life.

Family Life:

Family is a cornerstone of my existence. Though I do not have a family of my own, I live with my father, who requires chronic care, and my two brothers. The loss of my mother has profoundly impacted my life, strengthening my resolve to care for those in need of compassion and support.

Driving Force:

What propels me forward is a deep-rooted passion for helping those in need, especially the elderly. My commitment is fueled by the desire to make a meaningful difference in their lives, providing care and support where it's most needed.

Entrepreneurial Ambition:

If given the opportunity to start a business, I would venture into the pharmaceutical field. My focus would be on providing essential products like LINEN SAVER multi-purpose bed pads, premium adult slips, and wound creams for dressing. This business would not only align with my passion for care but also serve a vital need in the community, offering quality products for those requiring specialized care.


As a participant in this skills development program, I am eager to expand my knowledge and skills in elderly care and pharmaceutical services. My aim is to apply these skills in creating a business that not only meets the physical needs of the elderly but also provides them with the dignity and quality of life they deserve.


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