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                              Songezo Vayisi


Hello, I'm Songezo Vayisi, a dedicated 30-year-old from the historic town of Greytown in KZN. My educational journey in Electrical Engineering reflects my commitment to continuous learning and personal development.

Educational Background:

  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Interests and Hobbies:

I have a strong passion for sports, particularly soccer, which I actively play. Additionally, I am an avid rugby fan. If I had grown up in a rugby-centric environment, I would have undoubtedly pursued playing it. These sports embody the spirit of challenge and resilience that I carry into all aspects of my life.

Family Life:

I am in a committed relationship and a proud father of one child. My family, including my parents and three siblings, play a pivotal role in my life, providing support and inspiration in my endeavors.

Personal Drive:

I am naturally inclined towards learning new things and consistently dream of achieving success. My outlook is characterized by a positive attitude and a spirit of determination. These traits guide me in overcoming challenges and striving for excellence.

Entrepreneurial Aspiration:

Given the chance to start a business, I would venture into the ice cream manufacturing and sales industry. I see great potential in this market, particularly in South Africa, where the warm climate creates a consistent demand for ice cream. My vision is to develop a business that not only meets this growing demand but also brings innovation and quality to the ice cream market.


As an individual deeply committed to both my professional and personal growth, I am excited about the prospects of enhancing my skills in electrical engineering and exploring entrepreneurial opportunities. My goal is to integrate my technical knowledge and passion for innovation in creating a successful business in the ice cream industry, contributing to the local economy and providing quality products.


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