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                              Kagiso Kgatle


Hello, I am Kagiso Kgatle, a 32-year-old from the dynamic township of Vosloorus, currently residing in the suburb of Boksburg. My educational journey in Electrical Engineering has laid a strong foundation for my analytical and problem-solving skills.

Educational Background:

  • Electrical Engineering

Passion for Financial Literacy:

I harbor a deep passion for understanding the intricacies of financial literacy. My interest lies in unraveling how money works, acquiring skills that enable me to create opportunities and make money work for me. This pursuit of financial knowledge is more than a hobby; it's a path to empowerment and independence.

Family and Living Situation:

While I do not have a family of my own, I am fortunate to have guardians with whom I currently reside. Their support and guidance have been invaluable in my personal and professional journey.

Driving Forces:

What motivates me the most is witnessing entrepreneurs creating opportunities for economic change and achieving financial growth in their businesses. The entrepreneurial spirit, especially in the realm of real estate investment, resonates strongly with me. It inspires my aspirations and fuels my drive to contribute meaningfully to the economy.

Entrepreneurial Vision:

Given the chance, I would invest in real estate properties. This sector not only aligns with my passion for financial growth but also offers the potential for significant contributions to community development. My aim would be to leverage my knowledge in electrical engineering and financial literacy to make informed and strategic investments in the real estate market.


As a skilled individual in electrical engineering with a keen interest in financial literacy and entrepreneurship, I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills in practical scenarios. My ultimate goal is to make a substantial impact in the real estate sector, contributing to economic growth and community development.


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