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                              Phindile Mkhonza


Hello, I'm Phindile Mkhonza, a 30-year-old from Meadowlands, Soweto, with a solid educational foundation including matriculation and specialized short courses in online teaching and customer service as a call center agent.

Educational Background:

  • Matriculation Completed

  • Short Course in Online Teaching

  • Learnership in Call Centre Operations for Customer Service

Professional Passions:

My true passion lies in the beauty industry, specifically as a nail technician and makeup artist. I find joy and fulfillment in enhancing people's beauty and tapping into my creative skills. The artistry involved in these roles fuels my desire to excel and continuously improve my craft.

Living Situation:

Currently, I share my home with my cousin. This living arrangement allows me the flexibility and support to focus on my professional development and personal aspirations.

Motivation and Drive:

I am driven by a combination of the fear of failure and a love for financial security. These motivations push me to strive for excellence and ensure stability in my career and personal life.

Entrepreneurial Vision:

If given the opportunity to start my own business, I would establish a beauty spa. This venture would build on my existing skills and experiences as a nail technician, which I have been honing through practice on family and friends. My goal is to create a welcoming space where clients can enjoy a range of beauty treatments, fostering both aesthetic enhancement and relaxation.


As an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for beauty and customer service, I am committed to refining my skills in makeup artistry and nail care. I aim to leverage these skills to establish a beauty spa that not only showcases my talent but also provides a unique and enjoyable experience for my clients.


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