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                              Xolile Thenjwayo


I am Xolile Thenjwayo, a purpose-driven and enthusiastic 30-year-old woman from the vibrant community of Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg. As the youngest of three siblings, I share a close bond with my family, residing with my parents who have been my pillars of support and inspiration.

Background and Interests:

With a deep-rooted passion for integrity and doing good, I thrive on connecting with others and expanding my horizons through networking. I am always eager to learn new skills and gain diverse perspectives from people from all walks of life.

Values and Aspirations:

My commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity is matched by my dedication to empowering women. I am driven by the desire to see women flourish in industries traditionally dominated by men, believing firmly in the power of independent, strong women leading the way.

Entrepreneurial Vision:

If given the opportunity to start a business today, I would establish a clothing line specializing in the manufacturing and customization of T-shirts and caps, with a focus on accessories. This venture would not only be a business but also a platform for empowering women, ideally operating as a women-only organization. Through this initiative, I aim to provide opportunities for women to showcase their talents and establish themselves in the fashion industry, breaking barriers and setting new standards.


As a participant in this skills development program, I am enthusiastic about leveraging my passion for fashion and commitment to women's empowerment. I am dedicated to learning and applying new skills that will enable me to launch and successfully manage a business that not only meets market needs but also serves as a beacon of inspiration and independence for women in the industry.


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