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                             Kholeka Nomandla


Hello, I'm Kholeka Connie Nomandla, a motivated 22-year-old currently pursuing studies in hospitality. Having completed my matriculation, I am now focused on furthering my education and building a career that aligns with my interests and strengths.

Educational Journey:

  • Matriculation Completed

  • Currently Studying Hospitality

Interests and Family Life:

Family is central to my life. I cherish the time spent with my mother, two brothers, and two sisters. As a single mother to my son, balancing family and studies, I find joy and fulfillment in these roles. Additionally, I have a keen interest in exploring the internet, including platforms like YouTube, where I enjoy learning about various topics.

Motivation and Aspirations:

My drive comes from a thirst for knowledge, especially in the digital realm. The internet offers endless opportunities for learning, and I am passionate about discovering new things and broadening my horizons.


Entrepreneurial Vision:

If given the opportunity to start a business tomorrow, I would venture into online clothing sales. Recognizing the busy lives of many people who may not have the time to shop in stores, my business would focus on convenience, offering a range of clothing options online with delivery services to customers' locations. This business idea not only aligns with my interest in the digital world but also aims to meet a growing need for accessible and convenient shopping solutions.


As a young, aspiring hospitality student with a strong interest in the digital world, I am committed to expanding my knowledge and exploring entrepreneurial opportunities. My goal is to combine my passion for the internet with my business acumen to create an online platform that simplifies shopping for busy individuals, offering quality and convenience.


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